SafeOdyssey is a Highly Secure Life Management System running on Windows. Use the software to record and manage ALL of your important information in a password protected and encrypted database that is on YOUR private computer and not in the cloud where it can be stolen or used for marketing purposes. Gone are the days of having key information spread all over the place. Where was that account number? In Word? Excel? Smartphone? Tablet? Notepad? Did I write it down and if so, where's that piece of paper? Does this sound familiar? Store your data in one easy to retrieve and secure place!

Document scanning and attachment is also available throughout the system. Most printers now include an integrated scanner. Scan your important documents into digital files, attached in SafeOdyssey, for instant lookup, display, printing and email as needed.

Paper records, smartphones, tablets and computers can be lost, stolen, burned or destroyed. Backup your SafeOdyssey data to an external drive or USB thumb drive and store it safely in a fireproof safe or an offsite bank deposit box. Protect yourself!


USB Thumb Drive for Data Backup!

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